That’s Life!

Isn’t it amazing how, no matter how well you plan your life, it’s the little things that you didn’t initiate that seem to map out your future?  Hey, you’re in control!  

Well, you are, aren’t you?

Well, how come you’re so affected by other things?

Hmm ….. that’s life!

My name is Denise  and this my diary, so to speak.  I’m English but now living a ‘different (notice the inverted commas)’ kind of life in the north-west corner of Spain.  Like you, I had my plan but, well, it keeps changing, doesn’t it?  That’s not only because I live where I live but, well, because that’s life!

One thing is for sure in this world –  a sense of humour is a big must!  And where I live, it needs to be even bigger.  Twenty kilometres (that’s about fourteen miles!)  from the nearest big supermarket or even a restaurant or a post office, there’s plenty of time to laugh… .

Welcome, enjoy and (most importantly) let’s see some of your stuff up here too!

Take a virtual cuppa with me and see where we go from there …. .



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