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The Days of the Titanic – the Centenary this Weekend.

We are now into the weekend of the loss of many people, when the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic went down.  Having spent the months of January and February researching this tragic loss, I found the information so emotional.

Of the 2,200 on board, only 700 lived to tell the tale.

The captain’s ‘women and children first’ rule meant that many families were left fatherless, which lead to hard times ahead.  The same rule meant that even J. J. Astor, the richest man on board, didn’t make it.  What seems to have been the worst total loss of all was a family of mother, father and nine children fromPeterborough, all of whom perished.  Like many people on board, the Sage family was off to start a new life inAmerica.  Only one of their bodies, that of one of the youngest children, was ever identified.

Though the captain had realised that many lifeboats were lowered without full capacity, he had known that full capacity may have caused the boats to buckle, so his plan had been for the boats to be lowered without full numbers, then move to the end of the ship, where more passengers could be picked up from the cargo area.  Unfortunately, the sinking of the ship made waiting a dangerous situation and so boats did not manage to pick up passengers to make full capacity.

Had the Titanic been to full capacity, many more would have died, as the number of lifeboats on board couldn’t cater for that many people.  This is because, before the Titanic and her sister ship, the Olympic, had been constructed, even the largest of the other ships was significantly smaller and lifeboat regulations had not been re-addressed, to take on board the capacity of these much larger vessels.

At11.40 p.m.on what was a Sunday night, the 14th. April 1912, the gigantic iceberg had been spotted and it was too late to steer to safety.  The first distress rocket was sent at12.50 a.m.and the Titanic went under at2.20 a.m.on what was a Monday morning, the 15th. April 1912.  It wasn’t until 4.10 a.m., that the first ship. the Carpathia, reached those in the lifeboats and any that may have managed to hold onto life, by floating on debris or on such things as deck chairs that crew had thrown overboard to be used as floats.

Please spend a moment to remember this great loss.


Recipe 24 – Sardines on Toast (…but a little more than just that ….!)

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Sardines on Toast.

Just so good for you ….. and so simple to make!  Personally, I think tomatoes line up as number two behind the sweet potato in the healthy eating stakes, with spinach fighting for that second position.  So, this simple snack (or meal if you have two or three slices of toast each) is bragging tomatoes (all the more rich for having been cooked in oil), garlic and oily fish.


2 or 3 tomatoes, cut into chunks (or a tin of tomatoes).

3 or 4 individual pieces of garlic, cut into small slices.

I tablespoon of olive oil or sunflower oil.

A tin of sardines in oil.

A few slices of bread to toast.

HARD PART –  nothing hard about this one.

How to make it:-

Put the oil into a frying pan and heat it slightly.

Add the garlic and fry for no more than one minute.

Add the tomatoes chunks or the tinned tomatoes and cook for about five minutes, until the liquid resembles a sauce.  If you want, you can now liquidize the mixture, though it’s still fine the way it is.

Make the toast.

Warm the sardines through in the microwave (forty seconds or so) or fry gently in a separate frying pan.

Place the sardines on the toast and coat them with the sauce.

Oh – healthy eating on a plate!


Hubby put the sauce on before the sardines but hey, doesn’t it look good?