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Septic Tanks – Aaah!

We’ve now lived in our house in Spain for six and a half years and, as the septic tank experience was new to us back then, I had asked when we would need to get it emptied (there are only two of us in the house).  The lady kindly told me that it wouldn’t need emptying for many years and, possibly, not in our lifetimes (we’re around the sixty mark).

Well, it was the smell in the bathroom that worried me.  It seemed to be coming up from the toilet and, no matter what I put down there, it wouldn’t go away.  After a long search (we’re talking six months), we found someone who would do the job and, when he arrived to inspect our needs five days ago, it seemed that the tank’s contents we actually appearing over the top of its lid.  Hubby had to dig it out, to make removing the lid possible.  Because of the location of the tank in our garden, we also had to remove some of the bushes we had planted as, without doing so, getting close enough to the tank wasn’t going to be possible.

Well, today, Friday, the job has been done.  The tractor and the tank got close enough to extract the contents but then disaster happened.  As the man turned to leave our garden, well, I don’t know if he had forgotten to close a lid on his personal tank or if it was something else, but a back flow or ‘content’ splurged onto our lawn.  Now you know what dogs do when they see the opportunity with such content, don’t you?  Thankfully, we stopped ours from doing anything but the neighbour’s dog  left in somewhat of a smelly condition!

Well, at least the job has been done and we reckon that that nice lady in 2006 should have told us that three years was going to be the limit.  I’m pleased I have lived that long to tell the tale!


Recipe 27 – Bread and Butter Pudding!

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Bread and Butter Pudding.

No real goodness to brag about but to die for!


For four or five people:-

Six slices of bread and jam, with margarine going on first (one or two day old bread is better).

3 ozs. / 75 g. of raisins or sultanas.

250 ml. / a little under ½ pint of milk.

3 ozs. / 75 g. of sugar.

3 large eggs.

½ tsp. of vanilla extract.

150 ml. / ¼ pint of single cream.

HARD PART –  nothing hard about this one.

Set the oven to 160C / 320 F / Gas 3.

How to make it:-

Cut each slice of bread and jam into triangles and then make a layer of bread in the base of a small (2 ½ pint) ovenproof dish.  Follow this with a sprinkling of raisins / sultanas and repeat the layers, finishing with a bread layer. 

Bring the milk almost to boiling point then stir in the sugar and put to one side. 

Whip the eggs, cream and vanilla extract together and then add the milk mixture and stir thoroughly.  Pour this combined liquid over the bread, making sure that all the bread is dampened.  Now press the bread mixture down with the flat of your hand, to make sure that all of the bread soaks up all of the liquid.  Let the prepared pudding stand for ten minutes or so.

This pudding dish is then to be placed into a bigger dish or roasting pan, so that you can add boiling water to the bigger container.  Fill the bigger container with enough water to rise halfway up the smaller dish.  Now lift the prepared dishes into the oven.

The pudding will take about 45 minutes to cook through and an indication that it is ready will be that the top of the pudding is turning brown.









Oh wow!  This pudding tastes so good and it keeps wonderfully well in a sealed lunch box in the fridge.  Two days later, it tastes just as good as when it was freshly baked.



My Gorgeous Baby Jack

After almost three weeks in England and doing a one-on and one-off night shift routine with my daughter-in-law, I got into an acceptable pattern, so isn’t it strange that, when I got back to Spain, I was hit by exhaustion and passed through three days of general lassitude to pull round?  Having said that, it was an honour to be able to contribute to those nights and to see my ‘three pound born’ grandson reach six pounds and one ounce, before I set off for home.  Here are some photos of Jack, my fifth grandchild.  Mam still has to wake Jack every four hours to feed him but is now allowed (Jack willing!) six hours during the night.  Jack is still on his oxygen supply and still has the sleep apnea machine attached but should be off both of these within the next few weeks.









While I was there, I made a beautiful bread and butter pudding – so easy, so tasty.  I’ll be uploading the recipe and photos soon.