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Spoiling Yourself with Smellies!

Oh, I love this time of year, when I can go through my collections of bath gels and body lotions from Christmases gone by and just absolutely ruin myself over the next few days, as I know a lot more will be coming in a few days time.

You know what it’s like – those gorgeous presents from your important people are too good to use on an everyday basis. Then you find that you’ve been buying the same old stuff from the supermarket over the last twelve months and have completely forgotten about that special Christmas hoard.

I’ve got my hoard all line up in the bathroom and I’m going on an extravaganza of spoiling myself, using too much, using more than one at one time, oh the sheer pleasure …..!


The Queen’s Pencil Collection …… and Mine!

It seemed that I had a pencil collection .. and I do .. but only because I like to have a pencil at hand and my hubby always seems to be unable to find his … and that’s why I have a pencil collection …. simply so that I can always find one when I want one.

Now, my pencils are basically all the same. They’re three-sided but with curved off corners, black and yellow in colour and boasting HB. I’ve seen the black and red ones which won’t be HB but something in my history swears allegiance to those bonny black and yellow creatures.

Now, getting back to the Queen … it seems that she had heard about my collection and wanted to come to view it and I was ever so nervous (I don’t know why …. maybe I lost the detail of that during a heavy snore ..). In a space of time, I knew she had arrived …….. and that was it.

Some people believe that dreams indicate something about your future but I can usually see a clear link with something that had happened that day, or at least within the last week. And I had stocked up on pencils, all black and yellow might I add, only three days before.

I wonder what the Queen’s collection is like ….?

December is Upon Us!

It seems like only yesterday that I was preparing all of my Christmas cards for England, sticking them in one big envelope and sending them to my sister, so that she could stick English stamps on them and post them off.  However, that was last year! This year, I’ve cut it pretty fine and I’m not sure if the cards will arrive to England on time. 

But where did the time go? 

It’s funny what stick in our memories and, again, I go back to the time when I was about eleven years old.  My father was standing at the gate in our back yard, drinking his cup of tea and looking for passers by with whom to pass the time.  I was within hearing distance and I heard him say “One minute you’re fourteen and then next one you’re forty”. 

Never a truer word was spoken in jest!

So, make the most of your minutes as, one day soon, you’ll have none of them left!