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Hubby Wore Two Onesies for Bed, Last Night!


Whenever we talk over the phone to anyone in England and we say that we are calling from Spain, the person on the other end of the line always asks us if it is hot here. Well ……

It was so cold last night, that Hubby wore two onesies for bed!
That’s how cold it was! It was so funny, as one of the onesies looks bigger than the other and he had put what seemed the larger one on first.



The next morning, I couldn’t help but ask him if he slept well.

His reply?

“Well it was hot ….. let’s put it that way ….”

I might try the same myself, tonight!

And I Call Myself English!

In my new life in Spain, and by default, I became a teacher of English. By phone! And was that an eye opener. My students were professionals (we’re talking Banco Santander here) and my job was to help them increase their understanding of the English language.

After three weeks of working with my students, I had to ask one of them what they meant when they told me that they didn’t like phrasal verbs. Well, my teacher of English had never mentioned phrasal verbs to me, or prepositions, for that matter. Here I was good English without ever coming across these words, so just how important were they?

Well, it seemed that a phrasal verb was a verb that consisted of more than one word, so not get or put but get off, get by, get through, get over, put off, put by, put across and the list goes on …… and on …. and on!

Once I realised what a phrasal verb was, I started to wonder why the Spanish language didn’t seem to have any and I came up with some very interesting (yet concerning) information.

Our phrasal verbs once didn’t exist, because we were using different words to say the same thing. For example, get off the bus used to be alight, get by used to be to manage and put across used to be to successfully explain!

I then moved on to looking at each phrasal verb that came to mind and tried to remember what the original verb used to be. If you decide to try this, my advice is ‘don’t hold your breath’! It can take ages to come up with the original verb and, like alight for getting off a bus, some of them now sound so wrong!

Hail the phrasal verb!

And a preposition – simply a little word, like those that often goes onto the end of some sentences e.g it, of, for and to.

Now why didn’t I know that ….?