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‘Mark Knopler’ + ‘Get Lucky’

Well, you see, it’s like this.

I am from the North-East of England.  Yes, I live in Spain but I lived only twenty five miles from where Mark Knopfler comes from.  That means that Mark Knopfler and I speak with the same (or very similar) twang.  What I mean is, if I speak to another English person, be it in England, Spain, or Africa, that person will call me a Geordie.  I’m not a Geordie in the true sense of the word but we speak the same way. And Mark Knopfler is a fully-fledged Geordie.

So, when Hubby and I travelled two hundred kilometres (about one hundred and thirty three miles) to see Mark Knopfler in Gijón on the north coast of Spain, I really did hope that I would ‘get lucky’, which happens to be the name of his current tour (‘Get Lucky’).  A girl (or woman of the same age as Mark Knopfler) can dream yeah?).

 Those giving out the leaflets in the Plaza de la Universidad (the University Square) where the concert was taking place, had travelled in the same convoy.  I spoke to them of where I lived, how I hoped that I might get to speak to him and “tell him Denise from Sunderland is here.”  They wished me luck.

 But it didn’t happen.

 Still, the concert was absolutely fantastic.  Halfway, he played Tunnel of Love and then, in the encore, he played So far Away (the first record I had ever heard from Dire Straits) and finished with, oh yes, he finished with Local Hero.  During the concert, I shouted ‘haway man’ several times (although this is local talk, he also has a record in which he sings ‘haway man’) and I added “Whitley bay!” to be singled out but he probably couldn’t hear me.  Now, if I had shouted “Haway the lads!”, that might have done something.

Never mind.  The concert was fantastic, I got close to my favourite male personality (Tina Turner holds that place for female) and I enjoyed every moment.

 Still, if I could have just handed him my business card …. Even knowing that, the next day, he would probably have thrown it away …. It would have still felt good.

 “Mark Knopfler?  Oh yes, I know him.  I gave him my business card …… .”

 A girl can dream.

 If you’re reading this, Mark, all I want to know is:-

 Are Gosforth and WhitleyBay still in your heart?  Do they still feel like ‘home’?

 Seven years in North-West Spain, the North-East of England will always be home to me.  But for you, a well-travelled man, I wonder ……. .

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Calmer – or is that Karma?

Have you ever looked into the Chinese age-old practices? Well, I have now.

I’m talking about feng shui, karma, I Ching and others.

Feng shui – the orientation of your home or office space, the elements in each room or corner (e.g. wood. metal, water, earth and fire) and the element’s representing colours can all create a better future for you.

Karma – as you sow, so shall you reap. In other words, every action has a reaction and how you live your life will bring reaction from others.

I Ching – also known as the Book of Changes, is rather like a book of wisdom to which we can all refer. By deciding on what issue you want to address and then going through an act (throwing coins or choosing stones) which will create your personal hexagram (simply six lines, either full or broken lines) stacked on top of each other), you will find information identified from a list of sixty four solutions and their variations which will help you manage your situation and get the best possible result.

So calmer or Karma (plus other practices)?

Well, I have to say that reading about karma does have a warming effect, in that it makes you realise that you do create your own future. Your positive actions create positive results and, in contrast, your negative actions create negative reactions from others. Practising virtues (grace, kindness, gratitude etc.) are more important that practising negative actions such as jealousy, retaliation and disrespect. Even by just looking at the words I have stated here, you can see that this makes sense.

I Ching teaches you to think about a negative situation before you respond. Now, that can’t be bad, can it? How many times have you regretted an action and how many times have you not been brave enough to put it right?

Calmer? Yes, definitely.

I’ve started painting small feng shui paintings which, when hung in the right place, will (I’ve already tested this out) bring an improved lifestyle in your chosen area.   Measuring roughly 7″ x 10″, they make pretty talking pieces!


Feng Shui Element of Fire    Fung Shui Element of Water  Feng Shui Element of Wood 1

    Element of Fire                      Element of Water            Element of Wood

The Magic Number!

The next person to read by ramblings here will hit a magic number! I wonder who it will be?