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Are They the Right Age to be our Friends ….?

Last week, a friend here in Galicia came up with a very interesting point.  She said that she and her husband don’t have many friends, the same as what my husband and I have been saying for our eight years here. 

I boiled it down to the fact that Hubby and I are lucky in that we have pensions and our house was completed (but for personalising) before we arrived.  Most of the people we know are still doing up their homes, so their time is taken up by hard slog.

 This particular friend’s point was somewhat different. She felt that, as the majority of English people living here are young and with children, we seem to have forgotten that they are a different generation.

 And yes, I can see that now.  While Hubby and I would enjoy a visit from a young couple or an exchange of chit chat, they probably think we are too old for them and would therefore have little in common.

 What happened to ‘wisdom is wasted on the young’? 

Come talk to us!  You’ll be surprised by how you will benefit from what we can tell you.




Been there, done it and worn the tee-shirt’, so to speak ….. .



And so Ryanair Cancelled our Flights …..!

After my last posting here, why does this later occurrence feel so bad?

After knowing for about six weeks that we were definitely booked up for Christmas with family in another part of Spain, we received an e-mail from Ryanair yesterday to say that our flight had been cancelled.

Ryanair did something similar some five years ago, when they started a flight from N.W. Spain to Liverpool then, after two years, they pulled the plug on all winter flights.  Our trips to enjoy a Christmas in N.E. England then became frantic journeys from Stansted airport and, weather permitting, a hopeful safe return to the same. 

Upon checking our flight details, and trying another airport link with Malaga (this time, Valladolid), I found that Ryanair have again pulled all winter flights or, to be more correct, they have cancelled all flights from 6th. November to late March.  Hmm., I wonder who paid the ‘administration’ fee for all that work? 

Did I hear that there had been a recent interview with Mr. Ryanair about his need to be more friendly?  Can I suggest that maybe he needs an operation, or at least and injection of human kindness for, by cancelling flight, in particular those for Christmas, he is messing with people’s lives.  What about those poor people who have to wait around ten days to get their money back from Ryanair and who may not have enough spare money in the bank to go rushing to buy alternative tickets? 

Merry Christmas, Mr. Ryanair ….. .