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The Addiction of Watching Walter White … .

I am British and have never really watched any American series, other than one called Soap which I watched many years ago and so, when my son told me about Breaking Bad, I really had no interest. And when he told me that the series had been so popular in America that there were even quiz shows about it, I thought “well that confirms why I don’t want to watch it.”

As it was Christmas time, and Hubby and I were enjoying the festivities at his place, he turned on the series, telling me that one, it was good and two, it might take us three or four episodes to get into it.  So we watched three or four episodes at my son’s house and returned home. 

We watched the other seventy or so episodes in a space of fifteen days and were living on sandwiches, as we couldn’t find time to cook any real food!

After the series was finished, and truly finished (i.e. there can’t possibly be any sequels (.. .. can they….?)), we needed to go for a ten mile walk (and ten miles back), just to get that long sitting spell out of our systems.

And I could watch it all again!