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Maybe I’m Truly Not Smart Enough for my Smart Phone … .

Well, I now know why people like these Smart phones and other clever models. Mine is now broken, it’s wrapped ready to be returned to the manufacturer and, even though the parcel hasn’t yet left my house, I’m missing it already. I tried to repair it. Honestly, I did. I spoke in my best Spanish to BQ, the manufacturers who are located in Madrid and I have to say that, by the time I got off the phone, I was rather proud of myself.

Okay, the phone is still broken but I managed that call. At the moment, my phone is more like a sex toy. It vibrates …. and vibrates …. and vibrates. I always charge all of my phones each night but now, with my Smartphone, I have to take out the battery at night, as the vibration is keeping me awake.

So, it vibrates, the icons change from big to small every two seconds, the pages change when they wish (one second I’m looking at my e-mails, even though I didn’t request that page and,, the next second, I’m looking at ‘settings’ and I didn’t request that one either. So, as it’s Easter, the parcel won’t be collected until next Monday (it’s not part of the Easter holidays here in Spain and then I’ll have to simply wait, while alternating two SIM cards between one phone.

Oh, the joy of life in the technical world …. .