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Is the Eurovision Song Contest Now No More than a Joke?

When I was a child, sitting with my mother to watch the Eurovision Song Contest was a real thrill. I loved every minute of it and still feel the warm glow of that moment, though I haven’t watched the programme for many years. But how sad I was to bump into a friend, who commented that he and his wife were having a Eurovision party, so that they could sit and laugh at the contestants. He felt that the programme was a joke and much better than some of the regular comedy programmes. 

Is that what it’s come down to? Is the show, and all of those who have worked hard to be there, now nothing more than a joke? Come on, folks! I am sure that the show deserves more positive criticism. 

I don’t know who won, as I didn’t watch it but, tell me, is that friend right?

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When Corden Met Gary Barlow …..


Wow! What a fantastic programme! I have to admit that, before the show, I knew little of Gary Barlow (well, I am sixty one!) but, having watched last night’s how (BBC1 at 10.00 p.m.), I see what a great guy he is and the interviewer, James Corden, was incredible. 

The show looked at Gary as a teenager, Gary as a songwriter and Gary in the group, Take That. It also looked at the criticism he took, how Robbie Williams was taunting him, how the rest of the world seemed to take Robbie’s lead and how, thankfully, the situation turned to Gary once again being on top. 

Watching Gary and James Corden singing the lines ‘love aint here anymore……’ and later, Gary singing ‘Let Me Go’ not only showed him as an excellent singer and songwriter but they also revealed the magic of this guy, none of which Robbie Williams has. Gary is clearly a well-respected guy who has retained his true friends and work associates throughout all his bad times and such support speaks volumes. 

Well done, Gary. We’ll be buying some of your stuff, shortly. 

And thanks to you, James Corden. You were the right man for the job.


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