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Hoax Ebola Scare by Italian on Aeroplane

An Italian man of 51 years, travelling yesterdays via Aer Lingus from Milan in Italy to Dublin, Ireland, caused a plane to be forced into shutdown once landing in Dublin, after displaying a plastic cup marked ‘Attencione Ebola’ to cabin crew. Crew and around one hundred and fifty passengers were not allowed to disembark, until the incident was proved to be a hoax. The two people with him were released without charge and he is to appear in court.

The Definition of ‘Faith’

I’ve just downloaded a book I found on Kindle, one of those that was first published over one hundred years ago, and found an amazing description of the word faith:-

Faith is the head chemist of the mind.  When faith is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent and transmits it to infinite intelligence, as in the case of a prayer.

And faith isn’t only about prayer.  It’s about anything which you have a great desire for and wish to commit yourself to, making it your new future route through life.  So, it could be a profession, a desire to become rich by some idea of your own, or maybe to achieve success with a qualification or a job etc. etc..

All you have to do is believe you already have it and act accordingly.  I know you’re getting a sniff of the law of attraction here and you could be right.  So start making plans for your main goal and let me know when you arrive there.


Ebola and the Criminal Mind

An e-mail has been received in a Czech government office to say that if one million euros is not paid over, the Ebola virus will be released in public places throughout Prague and other cities. The Bitcoin method is an electronic currency which, upon payment, is untraceable. If the blackmailers are found, they could serve up to twelve years in prison.
The money is to be paid in three parts, with the Ebola-infected material being ‘handed over’ upon receipt of the final payment. It seems that the country is not responding to this demand.

Ebola Update 17

30 Oct. 14.

A scientist, Peter Piot, has stated that, as a lot of Chinese workers travel to and from Africa, it is highly possible that the country could become infected by the Ebola virus. Although it is improving, China still has a poor level of infection control. He spoke of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which broke out in Southern China in 2002, an infection which affected the whole world, with 8,000 infected and almost 800 deaths.

The Spanish health minister, Ana Mato, is being called on to resign, after 100,000 people signed a petition over the death of the dog, Excalibur, which belonged to the nurse, Teresa Romero Ramos, who has since survived Ebola. In the USA, a similar case involved the quarantining of a dog which belonged to a US nurse who contracted Ebola. The nurse survived and the dog never became infected.

Figures show that there could be a slowing down of the virus in Liberia, though it is not known how accurate this information is. It could be accurate but it could also be that doctors are so overwhelmed with cases, that they are no longer keeping accurate records.

President Obama has had an audience with survivors of Ebola and also with medical staff who are still within the twenty one day incubation period. He said that these people should be treated with the respect they deserve. He stated that, while the USA may see more cases, the disease would eventually be ‘snuffed out’.

Could better maps have helped con troll the Ebola virus? It has been suggested that a better knowledge of the villages could indeed have helped in this control and volunteers are now preparing such maps in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo in case outbreaks occur in these areas. This will help trace where the highest risk of infection is showing up and thus help towards controlling the infection.

Ebola Update 16

29 Oct. 14.

It is now believed that a two-year-old boy who lived in a tiny village of Meliandou, Guinea, could have been the first person to die from Ebola, in December last year. Emile died on 6th. December 2013, within four days of becoming sick and later, his sister, mother and grandmother also died. The people of this little village, which is situated where Liberia and Sierra Leone join borders, used to sell bananas at local markets but they are now no longer welcome there.

The Spanish nurse, Teresa Ramos Romero has tested negative twice in the last forty eight hours and will remain there until she is fully recovered. She was treated with antibiotics from people who had survived Ebola and other drugs. She said that the worst part of the whole ordeal is that the government decide to put her dog down. Her husband has spoken in public, saying that, while he is grateful that his wife has recovered, their dog, Exalibur, was like the son they never had and the government had no right to put it down.

Australia has become the first country to deny entry to visitors from the Ebola-hit countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. They are to cease granting visas and will only allow those who hold visas to enter Australia, if they have already spent twenty one days in quarantine before their departure. Republicans in the USA are calling for a similar ban but President Obama has said that he will not consider this, unless advice from experts changes. The Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who had previously refused to send medical workers to West Africa without a guarantee that anyone that becomes infected will receive appropriate treatment, is now re-considering this point, after having received request from both the USA and Britain to offer support.

The Disasters Emergency Committee in Britain is now launching an appeal to ask for money, as the crisis in Ebola is now becoming a humanitarian catastrophe. More than 10,000 people have been affected and this has had an uncontrollable effect on the health services, the communities and people’s abilities to support themselves. The committee have stated that this is the first time that they have ever had to ask for financial support to control an infectious disease.

A Device Which Could Help Identify Ebola More Quickly

A new device is said to be available which can detect Ebola in the blood within thirty minutes. The first demonstration showed that the machine can identify single H1N1 particles via a light from a multicolour LED source. The instrumentation has been being refined and the Forbes magazine has labelled it as game changing. Known a the single particle interferometric reflectance imaging sensor (SP-IRIS), this method requires very little time for preparation and could prove successful in containing Ebola and other deadly viruses.

Isolated Pieces about Ebola

Research has indicated that the current Ebola problem started in a village near Guéckédou, Guinea, where hunting bats is common practice.

Research has shown that Ebola, and the very similar Marburg virus, could go back as far as 23 million years and this information may indeed help in the search for a cure.

Around eight volunteer civil servants, with only a half d day of training, are now using gun-style thermometer to check temperatures, from a safe distance, of those entering the country via Heathrow airport. Public Health England will soon recruit staff to work in the screening rooms.