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Could this be a Cure for Ebola?

I have been sent these links which make excellent reading and viewing. Information has been released, which states that ozone therapy may be the way to control Ebola. Doctor Rowen explains that oxygen is the source from which immune cells go on to kill bacteria. Let’s hope this proves to be the way forward.

Ebola Update 26

29 Nov.14.

• Teresa Romero, the Spanish nurse who caught Ebola in Spain and has survived, is now suing the government for £120,000 for putting down her dog, Excalibur. While she claims that the decision was taken without medical; advice, an animal rights has stated that the government did not commit a crime when euthanising the nurse’s pet dog. She herself is now being sued for defamation by her own doctor, for having not stated that the doctor had dismissed any chances of Ebola. The doctor has stated that this was not the case and that clinical records will prove this.

• There is currently another case of Ebola in Spain, being a person serving in Ebola who was accidentally injected by a needle which had just been used on a patient.

• Two children who arrived from West Africa into the UK, have been tested for Ebola in the Royal Victoria hospital in Newcastle. Both have tested negative. About one hundred people have so far been tested in the UK, all coming back negative.

Ebola Update 25

27 Nov. 14.

In the United States, an experimental vaccine for Ebola has shown to be safe and could soon be tested in West Africa. The vaccine is designed to encourage the production of anti-Ebola antibodies and those in the test group began to develop antibodies after four weeks. Those in the test group who were on a higher dose developed more antibodies and some developed new immune cells, referred to as T cells. While one of the people in the test group did develop a fever of 103 degrees, this disappeared after one day. It is said that Canada are also having some success with a possible vaccine.

Ebola Update 24

25 Nov. 14.


Italy’s first Ebola victim is a doctor who was working in Sierra Leone. He has been flown into a military airport just outside Rome and will be taken to Lazzaro Spallanzani for treatment. As of 18th. November 2014, there had been 5.459 deaths out of 15,351 identified cases.

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Ebola Update 23

19 Nov. 14.

A branch of the Asda supermarket in Hereford in the UK was sealed off, due to a person showing a symptom of Ebola having walked into a nearby clinic. The man, who has travelled in West Africa, has been tested for Ebola purely as a precaution and it is expected that the tests will come back negative.

An event of world leaders took place, at which Queen Elizabeth (UK) was present. In a discussion with Professor David Heymann, she spoke of the time being spent on Ebola when just as many people are dying of malaria and maybe controlling this disease was being overlooked.

In Brooklyn, USA, a woman who had returned from guinea three weeks ago, and was being monitored for Ebola, dropped down dead in a hairdressing salon. It is believed that she had a heart attack but a witness said that there was blood coming from her face, nose and mouth. Her remains are to be tested for Ebola out of ‘an abundance of caution’.

Ebola Update 22

16 Nov. 14.

Facebook are in talks with Avanti, a company which will be able to 16 Nov. 14.connect Africa to the rest of the world, via internet. Avanti already have tow satellites covering Africa and are now planning to place another three there over the next two years. Mark Zuckerberg has already put an internet system in place in the Ebola-affected areas of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, to help with the co-ordination of the Ebola crisis

Homeopaths are now in Liberia, in an attempt to prove that remedies such as rattlesnake venom, arsenic and the aphrodisiac Spanish Fly can be used to treat Ebola. Organised by the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, two doctors, one from Germany and the other from the USA, are amongst the team present there.

A second outbreak has shown up in Mali and the government has now ordered tougher health checks.