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Cats do Not Have Owners!

On English TV, there’s a programme each weekday morning at 9.15 a.m. on channel 5, which I enjoy watching. The Wright Stuff is headed by Matthew Wright and the programme involves a panel of three well-known (for some reason or other) people, who take part in a chat about what’s going on in general. Each will choose some articles out of a British newspaper to talk about and the show will also involve questions being put to the general public for telephone and text comments. While the questions may not always be ones you have an opinion on, the interaction is always good.
This week, a newspaper article for discussion was about two people fighting for custody of a cat. It seems that the original owner had had the cat for several years but it had then (like all cats do) gone missing. The second owner had got the cat from a rescue centre and felt that she was therefore the real owner. During the court battle, it has come to light that the cat had been chipped by the original owner but his had not been realised until the battle had commenced.
My contribution to this argument is (if they live close to each other) does it really matter who the ‘owner’ is?
I love cats and have always had one (and sometimes more) through my sixty two years and I know that a cat will live where it wants to live. As a child, I remember my black going missing for two years and then, when it returned, I was pleased that I had a tin of food waiting. A cat I had in my forties turned out to be living in four other houses on the estate.
Many years ago, I remember reading a letter in a magazine, where a woman took her cat to the see the vet, as it wasn’t eating. The cat appeared healthy enough and so the vet suggested that the woman tie a message to the cat’s neck, which should read, ‘If you are feeding me, please ring this number.’ She got four phone calls.
Cats don’t have owners. Dogs do. Cats don’t. They’re wholly independent and that what makes them great pets.