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‘Walking the Walk’ …. but only for a moment!

Puerta Banus. It was 3rd. January, 2015, and I was only fifteen minutes away by car, so I had to go, didn’t I? There’s always a lot of famous people swanning along the marina and, dressed in my best second-hand jeans (from my daughter-in-law), my eight-year-old autumn-coloured scarf and my Matalan (a cheap chain store in the UK) flat shoes – oh, and my fake Dolce and Gabbana black handbag – I walked the walk.
It seems that to ‘walk the walk’, you carry your handbag over the curve of your elbow and also wiggle your bottom a little (I tried this but my dog kept pulling on his lead, which gave me more of a drunken gait), while trying to show your importance.
Okay, yes, after ten seconds, I gave up. I remembered that I am me and I couldn’t give a hoot about what anyone else thinks. What you see is what you get and well, hmm., I was tempted to have my photograph taken against one of the boats tethered there but decided to buy an ice-cream instead.
As I walked along, a ‘go that extra mile’ dolly-bird stopped to stroke my (yes, he’s a mongrel) dog and she spoke at length about her umpteen dogs, Springers, King Charles and all). Oh! Was she famous, I wonder? She was walking along with a gentleman who may have been her minder. She had dark skin (Spanish or Caribbean maybe), talked of living on a farm and was walking the walk.  And she was nice.
And, do you know, I was so proud that she had stopped to talk to me, in my second-hand jeans and with my mixed breed dog. Dogs. That’s all we talked about. And it was a good feeling.
Even if I don’t walk the walk!
So what does this tell me about myself?
I have no idea!  It was five minutes of fun but not a world I would like to live in.

Puerta Banus

The Definition of ‘Faith’

I’ve just downloaded a book I found on Kindle, one of those that was first published over one hundred years ago, and found an amazing description of the word faith:-

Faith is the head chemist of the mind.  When faith is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent and transmits it to infinite intelligence, as in the case of a prayer.

And faith isn’t only about prayer.  It’s about anything which you have a great desire for and wish to commit yourself to, making it your new future route through life.  So, it could be a profession, a desire to become rich by some idea of your own, or maybe to achieve success with a qualification or a job etc. etc..

All you have to do is believe you already have it and act accordingly.  I know you’re getting a sniff of the law of attraction here and you could be right.  So start making plans for your main goal and let me know when you arrive there.


That New Diet …. .

That ‘five two’ diet really is a winner. I am now eight stone five pounds, without having put any frustrating effort into getting there. Now, I do only one hungry day a week and it is maintaining my weight, so that is really good.

Still, I really would like to see that seven thirteen and nine tenths again …. .

Wo Ho to the New Diet!

Okay, so I don’t really have a problem with excess weight but, if you’re like me, you’ll know that there is a weight at which you feel your best.

And mine is seven thirteen and nine tenths. That’s just under eight stone but I haven’t seen that number seven now for about fourteen years.

When we moved to Spain in February 2006, I weighed eight stones two pounds and remained that weight until about 2010, when it became eight stone seven. Then, in 2013, my body just gave up its own self-control and I found myself weighing eight stone twelve and too close for comfort to that dreaded number nine.

I have been getting weighed every day now for many years and, since last year, I’ve been worried that I might accept just below nine. Well, I’d definitely got to the point of accepting seven and a half.

Three weeks ago, a friend told me about the ‘five two’ diet and it goes like this:-

Choose your seven day period (Sunday to Saturday or Monday to Sunday) and, every week, choose two days for your ‘hungry’ days. These two days don’t have to be the same every week, so you can pick and choose to suit the week in question.

On a hungry day, you eat your breakfast and then nothing else until you go to bed, when you have something like a salad. I decided to have my breakfast of porridge, raisins, yoghurt and honey, all mixed together, and maybe including a few walnuts, as usual, then nothing else all day. You’re supposed to limit these days to six hundred calories but I decided not to bother counting and just sticking to breakfast only.

On the other five days, you eat normally, without counting calories but still, you mustn’t go overboard.

For me, round about five o’clock, I feel a little hungry and when it is time for bed, I still feel hungry no more so than at five. When I get up in the morning, I feel less hungry than I did when I went to bed. It seems that, if you do this hungry day, your body goes into its fat reserves and you lose weight.

Your weight after your hungry day may show that you have lost ‘such and such’ number of pounds and then, when you eat normally on the other days, you might find that, the following day, you appear to have put on one of your lost pounds but it does eventually cancel out again.

I’ve only been doing this diet for three weeks and, as I only need to lose a few pounds, I’m not likely to lose pounds and pounds per week. When I went to bed last night at the finish of my hungry day, I was dead excited about what my weight would be the next day. I had got down to eight nine, gone up to eight ten (yesterday morning) so, I was expecting to get up and weigh eight eight.

Eight seven!!!!!!!

In a few weeks time, I should be teetering around eight stone four pounds.

Watch this space ….. .

Is the Eurovision Song Contest Now No More than a Joke?

When I was a child, sitting with my mother to watch the Eurovision Song Contest was a real thrill. I loved every minute of it and still feel the warm glow of that moment, though I haven’t watched the programme for many years. But how sad I was to bump into a friend, who commented that he and his wife were having a Eurovision party, so that they could sit and laugh at the contestants. He felt that the programme was a joke and much better than some of the regular comedy programmes. 

Is that what it’s come down to? Is the show, and all of those who have worked hard to be there, now nothing more than a joke? Come on, folks! I am sure that the show deserves more positive criticism. 

I don’t know who won, as I didn’t watch it but, tell me, is that friend right?

Please pop over to my blog – Come On Reviews – to leave some feedback on what you think went on in the programme.



Maybe I’m Truly Not Smart Enough for my Smart Phone … .

Well, I now know why people like these Smart phones and other clever models. Mine is now broken, it’s wrapped ready to be returned to the manufacturer and, even though the parcel hasn’t yet left my house, I’m missing it already. I tried to repair it. Honestly, I did. I spoke in my best Spanish to BQ, the manufacturers who are located in Madrid and I have to say that, by the time I got off the phone, I was rather proud of myself.

Okay, the phone is still broken but I managed that call. At the moment, my phone is more like a sex toy. It vibrates …. and vibrates …. and vibrates. I always charge all of my phones each night but now, with my Smartphone, I have to take out the battery at night, as the vibration is keeping me awake.

So, it vibrates, the icons change from big to small every two seconds, the pages change when they wish (one second I’m looking at my e-mails, even though I didn’t request that page and,, the next second, I’m looking at ‘settings’ and I didn’t request that one either. So, as it’s Easter, the parcel won’t be collected until next Monday (it’s not part of the Easter holidays here in Spain and then I’ll have to simply wait, while alternating two SIM cards between one phone.

Oh, the joy of life in the technical world …. .


The Addiction of Watching Walter White … .

I am British and have never really watched any American series, other than one called Soap which I watched many years ago and so, when my son told me about Breaking Bad, I really had no interest. And when he told me that the series had been so popular in America that there were even quiz shows about it, I thought “well that confirms why I don’t want to watch it.”

As it was Christmas time, and Hubby and I were enjoying the festivities at his place, he turned on the series, telling me that one, it was good and two, it might take us three or four episodes to get into it.  So we watched three or four episodes at my son’s house and returned home. 

We watched the other seventy or so episodes in a space of fifteen days and were living on sandwiches, as we couldn’t find time to cook any real food!

After the series was finished, and truly finished (i.e. there can’t possibly be any sequels (.. .. can they….?)), we needed to go for a ten mile walk (and ten miles back), just to get that long sitting spell out of our systems.

And I could watch it all again!