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The Things that Come with Age … .

I’ve remembered the deadline.  I just can’t remember what it’s for ….. .

Am I Back Yet?

I am Lost


I have gone to look for myself.

If I should return before I get back,

Please ask me to wait.


Well, that makes sense to me ……. .


Must be a Civil Servant ……… (in Spain, that is …..).









And believe me …….

I like living here!




I was a civil servant in England and was trained to know that my job was to serve the public.  Here, all civil servants have the same answer to any query you may have……. and that is ……


Well, let’s see if you can do it, too:-

1.  Stand or sit, with your arms straight down by your sides.

2.  Lift your lower arms to horizontal, as if you were carrying a tray.

3.  Now lift your shoulders.


You’ve got it!


In Spain, a civil servant (and that means national government and local government here (e.g. jobcentres, teachers, council offices etc.) has a job ‘for life’ and, once in post, they don’t really seem to care about the general public.  Hence, the development of a ‘non-civil service’  job of gestor.  This wonderful person is a paper -pusher.  Anything you want (like advice you should get from a civil servant!), he or she will do for you.  I’ve paid a couple of times for mine to tell me what the civil servant wouldn’t!


And I was happy with the result, both times!




Hmm …. Now That Takes Some Thinking About …. .



Why procrastinate now,

 when you can do it later?

What a Way to Go…..!

Nothing to do with the jam squares, I hope …. .





True ….. in Most Cases.

I Definitely Agree with That!




 It is better to remain silent and look a fool,

than to speak and put the matter beyond doubt.