Catering for All Sizes in the Fashion Market

I watched the telly the other day and got engrossed in a programme about the fuller figure. The programme wasn’t only about size 16 and size 18 but actually built itself on size 22 and larger and it revealed quite a lot about having ‘followers’. Now this information was quite new to me but I could get the general gist of what having blog sites and taking part in social media does for the population at large.

Yes, there are lot of large ladies and gentlemen out there and, yes, just like the more average sized population, they want to buy clothes which make them feel good. Okay, in the UK, Evans has been around for the size 16 + for many years but the programme spoke of Yours and of Milk, two companies who are now also seeing the profits to be found in catering for the much fuller figure.

What interested me was that, while these companies were trying to find suitable ‘large’ models to display their wears, they were also interested in what following these ladies had through their online presence. The companies wanted to tap into the prospective model’s world audience as, having such a following, they could only benefit through such advertising.

But the programme also addressed whether using such models would have a negative effect on healthy eating, whether being grossly overweight would no longer be seen as a problem and whether courting such fashion was sending a bad image to the world.

It’s arguable, isn’t it? But business is business and, if a target audience’s needs are to be met, surely that is simply business. And, underweight, within ‘acceptable’ limits, or overweight, we are all in search of looking and feeling good, aren’t we?

Thick Toilet Paper or Thin Toilet Paper – that is the question.

I don’t ask a lot of life and the smallest of things give me pleasure and that’s why, when I started paying a little more for toilet roll, I felt as though I had cone up in the world. Mmm, cushioned toilet paper and with a design I liked but, alas, a programme on UK television last week (The Wright Stuff) had a discussion on the aforesaid necessity and it seems that buying the thicker stuff means more trees have to go the journey. I’m still trying to get my head round how the thinner paper will be a more friendly option, as surely I will have to use more (squares) to achieve the same result ….. .

I think I’ll go and have a look at that bidet in my bathroom, to see how it works …. .

Derek Acorah – A Really Genuine Guy.

I was lucky enough to be staying in the same hotel as Derek Acorah, the top UK psychic medium, in Benidorm, when he was in that area for a show and, having the privilege of meeting him as the real man, was a warming experience. He is so genuine and he gave me some ‘spirit’ information which he could not possibly have known. Thanks, Derek! I’m onto a second one of your books and your genuine character shows through there, too.

Derek Acorah

I hope we bump into each other again.

Ebola Update 30

28 Jan. 15

Patrica Cafferkey has made a full recovery and left hospital some days ago.  It is such good news that protocal is allowing for such success.

It seems that Ebola has slowed down significantly but world health organisations are saying that it is too early to say that we have indeed turned the corner with this deadly virus. There are only 118 people being treated in Sierra Leone, compared to double this amount only a couple of weeks ago and it is said that there are only five current cases in Liberia.
Recent figures show that, while there have been far more cases in Sierra Leone than in Liberia (10,518 as opposed to 8,662 cases / 7,968 as opposed to 3,138 laboratory confirmed cases), Sierra Leone has had fewer deaths (3,199) than Liberia (3.686), with numbers for Guinea coming in at 2,917 cases, 2,569 laboratory confirmed and 1,906 deaths. Totals outside these three countries come to 34 / 32 cases and 15 deaths.

I will now leave reporting on Ebola, unless there are significant changes to publicise.

Ebola Update 29

21 Jan. 15.

Pauline Cafferkey, who is still in the Royal Free Hospital in London, is said to be now off the critical list and showing signs of improvement.  Let’s hope that she can soon be released from hospital and enjoy her future.


For those with access to UK television, I wonder if you watched Cyberbullying on channel 4 last night (15 January)? It was just over one hour in length and all of it took place in a teenage girls’ bedroom. Basically, the computer took over and the girl became controlled by someone who had hacked into her system. It was one hour in that girl’s life and it was quite frightening to think that these things can happen to such vulnerable people. Go and watch it if you can …. .

Ebola Update 28

4 Jan. 15.

Pauline Cafferkey, the care worker who has been diagnosed with Ebola upon her return from Sierra Leone, is in hospital in London and her condition is said to have deteriorated over the last two days.

A new case of Ebola is to arrive in the Nebraska hospital, where three patients have already been treated, two of whom survived. The person is not showing any symptoms and is not ill. No indication of how this person came into contact with the virus have been given.