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A Cure for Ebola!

Ebola does now seem to have escaped the news, this in its own right feeling good for the world and it is only today that I return to the subject, because it looks like a cure for Ebola has indeed been found. Rather than me write the whole information here, please pop across to The Economist (3rd. August 2015) to read the most welcome news:-

Ebola Update 30

28 Jan. 15

Patrica Cafferkey has made a full recovery and left hospital some days ago.  It is such good news that protocal is allowing for such success.

It seems that Ebola has slowed down significantly but world health organisations are saying that it is too early to say that we have indeed turned the corner with this deadly virus. There are only 118 people being treated in Sierra Leone, compared to double this amount only a couple of weeks ago and it is said that there are only five current cases in Liberia.
Recent figures show that, while there have been far more cases in Sierra Leone than in Liberia (10,518 as opposed to 8,662 cases / 7,968 as opposed to 3,138 laboratory confirmed cases), Sierra Leone has had fewer deaths (3,199) than Liberia (3.686), with numbers for Guinea coming in at 2,917 cases, 2,569 laboratory confirmed and 1,906 deaths. Totals outside these three countries come to 34 / 32 cases and 15 deaths.

I will now leave reporting on Ebola, unless there are significant changes to publicise.

Ebola Update 29

21 Jan. 15.

Pauline Cafferkey, who is still in the Royal Free Hospital in London, is said to be now off the critical list and showing signs of improvement.  Let’s hope that she can soon be released from hospital and enjoy her future.

Ebola Update 28

4 Jan. 15.

Pauline Cafferkey, the care worker who has been diagnosed with Ebola upon her return from Sierra Leone, is in hospital in London and her condition is said to have deteriorated over the last two days.

A new case of Ebola is to arrive in the Nebraska hospital, where three patients have already been treated, two of whom survived. The person is not showing any symptoms and is not ill. No indication of how this person came into contact with the virus have been given.

Ebola Update 27

29 Dec. 14.

The first case of Ebola in the UK has now been confirmed.  A care worker, who returned from Sierra Leone, via Casablanca and Heathrow, is now in Gartnavel hospital in Glasgow, where she was this morning confirmed to have the virus.  It has been measured as highly unlikely that anyone on the flights will have been infected, passengers will be sought out for checking.  To date, 7,857 people have died from the Ebola outbreak.



Christmas in Sierra Leone

It’s sad but so important.

In Sierra Leone, Christmas has been cancelled. Bars have already been shut down and the streets will be patrolled by the military to stop public gatherings, in order to stop the spread of Ebola. Only twenty five per cent of the population are Christian, as this area is heavily Muslim.

Have Sierra Leone’s population have already been quarantined. The country’s count of reported cases currently stands at just short of eight thousand, with one thousand eight hundred deaths.

Could this be a Cure for Ebola?

I have been sent these links which make excellent reading and viewing. Information has been released, which states that ozone therapy may be the way to control Ebola. Doctor Rowen explains that oxygen is the source from which immune cells go on to kill bacteria. Let’s hope this proves to be the way forward.